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℗© 2009, Kesia Editions
Genre: pop, world, latino salsa, Afro-beat, R 'n B, soul, jazz, chanson French
...I re-create myself. This re-creation was both, a self-renewal and the pleasure of relaxation and enjoyment...
3. SINGING SISTERS (ft. Sylvie Nawasadio and Sabine Kabongo)
6. THE WAY YOU ARE (ft. Bilal)
7. PAROLES PAROLES (ft. Vincent Cassel)
8. DRIFTING (ft. G.Love)
9. AFRICAN DIAMOND (with Tony Allen and Meshell Ndegeocello)
12. NON, NON, NON (ft. Vincent Cassel)
14. SOPHISTICATED LOVER (ft. Tom Helsen)

This multicultural musical entity is sending everyone on vacation, and the first and only item on the itinerary is ReCreation. In addition to a rhythm section rooted in a rich Brazilian vibe, ReCreation also boasts a guest list of high-profile vocalists including Bilal, G. Love, actor Vincent Cassel (La Haine, Oceans Twelve) and several others. The album offers everything the title suggests a time to make a break, to renew, and to play. That moment when you are relaxing and enjoying yourself, says Daulne, is the perfect moment to create a new person within yourself to heal yourself and let go of all the negative aspects of your life. In those times when you relax, you recreate yourself.

World Music Reviews
By Francesca Nemko
Recreation by Zap Mama,
Heads Up HUCD3159
This is a CD for the times we live in: it’s multi-cultural, a great showcase for women, and containing an important message, delivered in a whimsical and tantalizing way.
Marie Daulne, founder of Zap Mama, is of Congolese descent, raised in
Europe and well-traveled to many parts of the world. Vocals alternate between French and English, with a little African chanting thrown in, too.
Dating back to 1990 when Daulne assembled four other vocalists, the group has numerous recordings under its belt. All compositions on this current one are by Daulne, who sings and plays percussion throughout. There are
guest appearances by such other international names as Bilal, G. Love, actor Vincent Cassel. The latter is especially appealing in a duo with Daulne en Francais, on “Paroles Paroles,” which translated means approximately “…all words, all words.” He’s also slyly subtle on “Non Non Non,” a song about flirting. (I have to admit, as an easily swayed woman, I’d be saying “oui, oui,” myself!
However, to continue…the album opens with a charming unaccompanied vocal by Daulne’s 15 year old daughter, singing in French, and is immediately followed up by “Vibrations,” which brings in the many talented vocalists and musicians that Daulne has surrounded herself with.
Other notable tracks include “The Way You Are,” with guest Bilal, sounding as if he’s making love to all the women in the studio – ahem, with his voice, that is. He’s adorable to my ears; “Once Upon A Time in Africa,” with its lion’s roar intro and its story depicting disagreement between man and woman (so, what else is new?); but it all resolves nicely.
It’s important to note that, as the press release states, “ In addition to her role as an artist and performer, Daulne continues to devote much of her time and energy in working to protect human rights and fight global poverty.” This album, in its own way, is a testament to that work.                                                                              - S.A.-K.I.D...
***** Soothing vibrations from a beautiful soul...

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