'A MI' (English Version)

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In this second single "A Mi", Zap Mama introduces the theme of sadness to express the importance of the struggle that must be undertaken within oneself to succeed in finding joy...

“mid joy mid sorrow”

A strong message to help everyone find inner peace... 

Live this moment to the fullest And remember those you love.

The frenchglish refrain "Á mi joy, Á mi pain" is a cry like a liberating call and above all, a symbolic support for the current change in our society,

Everything is going so fast / We think time last forever..

In the third verse, Zap Mama invites a young rapper ZEKYÉ. A rhythmic duet embodying the point of transition between generations.

This song is dedicated to young Congolese girls and women who are survivors of rape and violence in the DRC.

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